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n the summer debt ceiling deal, Congress set up a “supercommittee” to find $1.2 trillion in additional budget cuts over the next decade. The panel began work — and so did the lobbyists. Among the most energetic are those defending farm subsidies. The wholesale elimination of the nation’s agricultural programs won’t happen. Yet it should [...]


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A common question lately is “Should I give up on my tomatoes?” Many novice as well as veteran tomato growers are seeing less-than-stellar performance with their crops this year. A typical complaint is that plants haven’t grown as large this year as they usually do. Others are noticing much less fruit than normal. Some gardeners [...]


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The Calgary Herald / by Jessica Patterson Surrounded by farm country, Calgary is a produce paradise Fall is a delicious time of year, when locally harvested vegetables and fruits make their way into restaurants and Calgarians’ kitchens, ripe and bursting with flavour. At the height of fall harvest, carrots, corn, squash and peppers, leafy greens [...]