Be a peach and bring this dessert to the picnic​

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Summer desserts are meant to celebrate the season. Fruit pies, cobblers, buckles and crisps are made for the glorious sweet fruits of summer. These casual yet intensely satisfying fruit desserts depend upon the best seasonal fruits, usually topped with a cake, streusel or both.

A cobbler by definition is a fruit mixture with a biscuit-style dough cooked on top of it.

The biscuit dough is easy to put together and is a great alternative for pastry-phobic cooks. Partially cooking the filling prior to adding the cobbler dough helps the dough cook evenly.

I have to admit that I am partial to this French-influenced summer fruit cobbler. I developed this recipe for my husband, who loves the classic Peche Melba — a favorite French bistro dessert which is usually served in a glass ice cream dish filled with vanilla ice cream, poached peach halves and drizzled with a ruby red raspberry sauce.

You can personalize this recipe to include your favorite seasonal fruits, such as nectarines, plums, blackberries or boysenberries. Just make sure to add enough sugar to sweeten the fruit you are using. I have added my own twist of toasted almonds to the dough to complement the fruit. This is easy to assemble, with crowd-pleasing results. An extra mark in its favor is that it is easy to transport, making it excellent for a picnic dessert.

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