10 Not-So-Healthy Health Foods

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When it comes to shopping for healthy foods, consumers often fall victim to the same misconceptions.

“People think ‘If I eat less calories, I’ll be better off,’” says Sharon Richter, a registered dietician. She adds that people also tend to buy foods toutimg terms such as “light,” “whole grain” or “fat-free” without checking out the nutritional labels.

This is a problem since many of these foods, while living up to their packaging’s claims, may be unhealthy when consumers really look at how much sugar, sodium, substitutes, preservatives or additives the foods contain.

“The labels mean nothing,” Richter says. “A lot of these foods are garbage.”

Read on to find out what foods, popular among dieters or people simply looking to establish better eating habits, aren’t as healthy as you might think.

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