What Fruits Can Prevent Breast Cancer?

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Introduction: nowadays, there are a lot of women troubled by breast cancer. In order to prevent this kind of disease, most women would rely on medical treatment, while few of them know that fruits also can help prevent breast cancer. As a result, in the following passage, we will introduce four kinds of fruits, which can protect women from the danger of breast cancer.

First, red dates
Red dates can nourish the spleen and stomach, as well as replenish the blood. They contain a hight content of beta-carotene, vitamin C and B vitamins, and so on. What’s more, red dates contains a group of compounds which are very effective in preventing cancer. Traditional Chinese medicine points out that, eating red dates can enhance human physique and prevent breast cancer.

Second, red apple
The researchers point out that, red apple has good effect in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Scientists have found out that, this is because red fruits and vegetables contain certain plant ingredient, which can effectively inhibit the growth of the proteins contained in the tumor cells. At the same time, it can also reduce the reactive capacity to estrogen of the tumor cells, so as to prevent breast tumor. In addition, purple grape also contains this kind nutrient.

Third, kiwi
Kiwi also has great effect in preventing breast cancer. It contains a large number of vitamin C, and the content of vitamin C is 4 to 12 times as that of orange, 3 times as that of apple, and 60 times as that of grape. Research shows that certain chemical ingredient contained in kiwi can block the production of nitrosamines in the body, so as to play an important role in preventing and fighting against tumor.

Fourth, mango
Scientific research has found out that, eating a lot of mango has the function of preventing breast cancer. The researchers have studied on the polyphenols contained in mango, especially the bioactive component– tannic acid, which has something to do with the prevention and inhibition of cancer. Tannic acid is kind of polyphenol, with a bitter taste. Grape seeds and tea leaves also contain this kind of composition. Research has found out that, tannic acid can destroy the cycle of cell division, thus preventing and inhibiting the growth and reproduction of tumor cells.

Of course, there are also many other fruits which can play a role in preventing breast cancer. However, eating fruits is not the only way to prevent breast cancer. It is also necessary to maintain a regular life, get rid of smoking and alcohol, as well as keep an optimistic mood, and so on.

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