How certain fruits deliver remarkable health benefits

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How certain fruits deliver remarkable health benefits

Scientists have long marveled how some people in certain countries live remarkably long, healthy lives while we, in the west, suffer from high rates of chronic diseases and other health problems.

Computer analysis has enabled researchers to determine which populations are the healthiest and live the longest and analyze what these populations have in common.

The results point to one key factor – our diet; the healthiest groups eat foods that have much higher concentrations of certain nutrients.
When scientists analyzed the diet of these healthy populations they found they contain hundreds of micro-nutrient compounds, vitamins and most importantly, antioxidants.

And when it comes to fighting the effects of aging and disease, antioxidants are perhaps the most important nutrient you can give your body.

That’s because one of the core elements in the human aging process are what scientists call “free radicals”. These are unstable atoms within human cells that steal electrons from other atoms which weakens the cell. Anti-oxidants are the body’s way of fighting off these unstable cellular marauders and they even have the ability to undo some of the damage they cause.
It’s now widely accepted among scientists that common problems such as lack of energy, poor skin and hair, and dramatic mood swings as well as serious problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers can be traced to poor nutrition in general and “free radicals” in particular.

Researchers believe that the free radical damage we are exposed to today is significantly greater than what our ancestors faced. That’s due to modern factors such as pollution and diets rich in fried foods – which are known to cause severe free radical damage. The body does produce anti-oxidants, but unfortunately not in sufficient quantities to counteract our modern lifestyle.

Bottom line: Giving your body the right antioxidants can make a huge difference to how long you live, how much energy you have, how often you get sick and even whether you get certain types of cancer or heart disease.

So where do we find the most powerful anti-oxidants. It turns out that certain fruits and vegetables are anti-oxidant powerhouses. Some like the Mangosteen, the Noni and the Gogi Berry; you may not have heard about. Others like the acai berry, and pomegranate may be more familiar to you.

Unfortunately you would still have to consume huge quantities of these fruits to get their full anti-oxidant benefit.

Enter Proleva, a new Seattle based company that has addressed this problem by developing a daily nutritional supplement designed to provide the same mix of super-nutrients that are found in the so-called superfruits.

Proleva focuses on providing the body with the strongest possible natural dose of anti-oxidants so that the body can better resist and repair the ongoing damage and aging effects caused by free radicals.

Just how remarkable is the supplement? Company CEO Ron Slavit commented, “”The nutrients and antioxidants we use in Proleva have been shown to decrease symptoms of fatigue and to increase the effectiveness of dieting by helping to reduce the appetite and boost metabolism.

They have also been linked to a lower incidence of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. There are several key micro-nutrients we included that can help to improve your complexion and strengthen hair and nails as well as reduce stress and mood-swings and improve memory and focus.”"

Better yet, Proleva is currently offering a free trial of the product so new users can start to experience the benefits of the supplement before deciding if they want to pay for it or not. (Source:


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