Docs Prescribe Vegetables, Fruits for Patients

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Doctors in Massachusetts and Maine are trying something new with their patients who are fighting obesity. Instead of drugs, they’re writing prescriptions for fruits and vegetables.

The physicians have started giving vouchers worth $1 per day to the states low-income families.

The move is a part of a new program created by Connecticut-based Wholesome Wave designed to boost the consumption of fresh local fruits and vegetables by one serving a day.

“What makes this program unique is the administration of prescription in the form of a fruit-and-vegetable prescription by a doctor,” Wholesome Wave Chief Operating Officer Juliette Taylor-DeVries told the Boston Herald.

Examinations will be conducted by doctors to see how the fresh produce affects blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight.

According to Taylor-DeVries, the local economies are also benefiting from the program.

“It has tremendous positive effects on the communities because it invigorates the local economy and it provides a new revenue stream for local farmers – and access and affordability to people who do not have access to fresh healthy food,” she said.


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