10 Vitamin A-Rich Fruits

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10 Vitamin A-Rich Fruits

Vitamin A is best-known for its role in maintaining and preserving good eyesight. More recently, it also became known as one of the potent antioxidants which is said to fight cancer by regulating cell growth and division specifically lycopene, one of its precursors. Vitamin A also stimulates the production and activity of white blood cells, plays a role in bone growth, and helps ward of viral infections by strengthening the immune system. However, too much of this nutrient has been associated to osteoporosis and risk of hip fracture.

The RDI for vitamin A is 3000 IU (900 micrograms).

If you want natural sources of vitamin A, grab these fruits and enjoy their health promoting goodness.

  1. Cantaloupe – 3382 IU
  2. Apricots – 1926 IU
  3. Persimmon – 1627 IU
  4. Loquat – 1528 IU
  5. Pitanga – 1500 IU
  6. Red sour cherries – 1283 IU
  7. Purple passion-fruit – 1272 IU
  8. Pink and red grapefruit – 1150 IU
  9. Plantains – 1127 IU
  10. Papaya – 1094 IU

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