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I remember that I mentioned my idea/recipe for “hand pies”. A hand pie is a bit of pie filling usally totally enclosed in pie crust and closed up kind of like a large ravioli or pierogie.(but pie crust on the outside “dough” and fruit filling on the inside. Kind of like a fruit filled “egg roll”. Will try to get a picture up soon…

I just made another one today…(cherries, raspberries, and strawberries are great also, pick any fruit you like in a pie)

Today’s Recipe
1 Food For Life Rice Tortilla
approx 1/2 cup fruit in season (or frozen fruit) (today I used peaches and blueberries from the farm stand)
2 tsp oil of choice (today I used avocado oil)
all fruit jam or preserves or maple syrup to sweeten fruit- if desired (optional)
cinnamon sugar to sprinkle (optional)
small scoop of vanilla rice dream or soy milk “frozen dessert” (ice cream) (optional)

Heat up pan on medium, put in oil.

Saute tortilla on one side to soften and lightly brown about 2-3 minute. Flip tortilla and put raw fruit on the tortilla (if desired cook the fruit and make fruit filling in a separate pot then add to tortilla)

Let tortilla brown on other side for 2-3 minutes and fold like an egg roll, if you don’t know how to do this just fold tortilla in half. Brown on both sides for another minute or 2 til you get the desired crispness you like.

Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar if desired and top with vanilla soy or rice “frozen dessert” Yummy! and gluten free, dairy free and egg free!
PS you can get all fruit preserves with no sugar added (make sure there is no artificial sweetener added also ! that is a “game” the manufacturer’s play they’ll say no sugar added but then they add splenda or something, STAY away from that artificial chemcal stuff, it’s BAD, BAD BAD for our bodies!)


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